A Day at the Park


I would say this place is tops on the girls list of favorite parks.  The snow has finally melted and the weather was exactly perfect for a day outside.  My peach could've played in the sand all day.  She was quite content to just sit and dig.


This has prompted Momma to buy some new shovels and pails.  Don't ask me what happened to last years shovels and pails.  There seems to be a shovel/pail eating monster that roams our garage between seasons because they are nowhere to be found.


That ponytail, by the way, was redone five times per the peach's request to achieve the perfect level of tightness and looseness.  Ahh. . . my little perfectionist.

You Have Got To Be Kidding!


Yes, this is truly what it looks like in my front yard today.  I'm not kidding.  This is not a cruel joke.  It's not even April Fools Day yet.  Isn't it strange that on a crisp November morning I would find this image to be delightful, yet the day before the beginning of April it makes me want to weep.  Someone asked me recently when I was going to switch my kid's duvets out of their holiday flannel and into something less conducive to below zero temperatures.  Oh. . . I don't know. . . WHEN IT STOPS SNOWING!   

New Things

The girls new bedding and Mommy's new shoes. 


The duvet cover is flannel.  The sheets are cotton.


I have neglected my feet long enough.  This is the second new pair of shoes I've bought in two months.  I had a weird moment a few months ago where I realized I had no socks.  I mean like none.  "How could this be?", I thought.  Well, when you wear Birkenstocks until it's so cold out you'll get frostbite and then you switch to Uggs (no socks required) it can happen.  Now I have both. . . shoes. . .  and socks.  What an amazing thing.

The Peonies are Blooming!

There is nothing more beautiful than a perfect peony!


Oh, how I love Spring!  This year in the garden we've planted baby tomatoes, 2 varieties of heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, basil, arugula, and little baby watermelons.  We're also working on planting a butterfly garden.  I'm still considering a raspberry bush I saw at the nursery last week.   Next year I hope to do green beans and squash as well.  I'll keep you posted.

Oh Where Art Thou?


Oh, where art thou. . . you warm weather days?  I miss summer.  This shot was taken at a man made beach during a family outing in late July.  It didn't exactly have the same feel as a natural one, but I have to say no seaweed is nice.  My feet thanked me.  Here's to saying goodbye to February.

Hooray for Snow!


Well,  this will be a photo full post.  Lots of updates.  First off,  it has snowed again.  A quote from the kids this morning.  "Hooray!!  Hooray!!  Hooray!!"  This is one of the huge trees in our backyard that inspired us to buy the house.  I loooove this tree!


Second in line is the new bird feeder.  This is the fifth and, I've promised my husband, final bird feeder attempt.  The lady at the store swears this will be the ticket to beautiful birds.  We shall see.   I hung it right outside the sliding door from the playroom.  You can see our cream colored rain gutter to the right of it.  This is where the squirrels typically do their trapeze act to cling to whatever I may hang there.  However,  I (sneaky dog that I am) have decided to grease the rain gutter!  I am very hopeful...very hopeful that we won't have a repeat of this. . .


I only hope that the children won't be frightened by the sight of the things hurling themselves at the sliding glass door when they fling off the greased gutter.  I'll let you know what happens.

And finally,  here's a photo of the little house corner the girls organized.  They spend hours in this corner pretending and dreaming and rearranging.


I love the little puppet theater/window/counter/ticket booth.  It's definitely a multipurpose installment in their little play scape.

Playroom Craziness


This is our crazy playroom that I constantly try to keep uncluttered. I'll put more shots of it up as I get areas organized better.  I really find that the kids enjoy their play and play more imaginatively and for longer periods of time when things are nicely displayed and put into areas that make sense.  So often I see children's things crammed into big toy boxes and bins.  I wouldn't be able to find anything if I kept my stuff that way.  A common lament among parents I know is, "They don't even play with half the stuff they already have!"  Well, maybe if they could see it they would!