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Just Be

We have been going and doing. We are purging our house of all unnecessary items and trying to focus on events and activities that will create lasting memories and enrich our lives. It is an art, to some extent. An art of letting go, of peeling back the layers of stuff we cover ourselves up with and just being bare and open to the moment.  I love this photo.  Pippa and a friend are at the Children's Museum busy working hard at creating some serious art.  No better way to spend the day, if you ask me.

Just Be

Go Out and Play


Lately, I'm turning off the T.V. and telling the kids to "go outside and play" like I heard so much myself as a child.  I don't want technology to take over my children's lives.  It's a constant battle and one that I don't always feel like I'm winning.  Part of it is that the list just keeps growing.  First it was just "get off the computer"!  Then it was "give me my phone back".  Now it has turned into "put down the laptop, Kindle, iphone, itouch, xbox, Nook, and uh. . . LeapPad" and talk to me.  I'll admit that some of it is for my own convenience.  I want my 12 year old to be able to call me when she's done with an activity.  We live in a big metropolitan area and I don't want her to have to linger around by herself at various locations waiting for me to pick her up or not be able to let me know if something has been cancelled.  The electronic reading devices are another story.  I am a HUGE fan of a nice fat book you can hold in your hand and put on your shelf.  Anyone that knows me will tell you my house is overflowing at times with books.  But the fact of the matter is, when you have as many voracious readers in my family as I do, going on a trip with a laundry basket full of books is not very convenient.  With three kids and a Golden Retriever, we just don't have that much real estate in our minivan.  So, yes, technology is loved to a certain extent around here, but that doesn't mean I want my children to turn into zombies that can hardly hold a conversation.  I will fight it and be grateful for it at the same time. 

Simple living at Lake Calhoun:
My project for the summer is to streamline our lives. Simple living. Getting rid of the excess and putting all of my focus on what really matters. We are getting rid of things. I am tired of the "stuff", the buying of it, the storing of it, and the cleaning around all of it. It's all gotten to be just too much. Time to hit the restart button and change course.