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Enjoying My Break

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Where's the blog?  People are asking.  Where have you been?  Are you letting it go? 

The short answer is no.  I love my blog.  Even in its neglected state.

However,  after a long and somewhat difficult year with three small ones in my care under three.  I have been enjoying a very long deep exhale.  And I have been relishing these moments with my own children.  Moments where I am not distracted and worried about the quality of care I am providing other people's children and only concerned for the happiness of my own.  It has been soooo nice.  And helps me to center myself again and prepare for another fun adventurous year.  This summer, I have been particularly aware of the sun slowly starting to set on my oldest daughter's childhood.  Soon, before I know it really, she will be a teenager and these little girl days will be over.  I am not ready for that.  And so, this summer, I'm spending alot of time just appreciating where my children are at, in this moment, and trying not to dwell too much on what is coming down the line. 

So.  The blog has been neglected.  And I'm okay with that.  There will be snippets of time here and there.

But.  I can never get back these days with the girls.  Once they're gone they're gone.  So, I'm going to go back to sucking the marrow out of life and I'll see you later.  Maybe tomorrow.  Maybe next week.  We'll see. . .

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