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Too Soon Seven

Really.  Wasn't it just yesterday I wrote about her sixth birthday?  Sometimes I'm just sick about how fast time goes by.  I wish, sometimes, that I could convey this somehow to all the new parents out there that can't wait for their baby to crawl, can't wait for their baby to sleep through the night, can't wait for their baby to walk, talk, use the potty!  It'll all happen soon enough, I wan't to tell them.  Soon enough, they will be these independent little people that, sometimes, barely need you at all.  I look at this little person and am amazed at all of her personality I see in that face that's already in there.  You have so much less control over who your children become than you think.  There's so much of who they are that's already decided. Doesn't this baby face already look at you like, "Don't think I'm a push-over, lady, I can hold my ground!"  That's my peach.  Wary, cautious, sceptical of people's motivations, but strong-willed with a firey temper, and generous to a fault, eager to help, loving, and thoughtful.  I can see all of that just looking at that sweet baby face.

I hope I haven't made too many mistakes.  My middle child.  Always feeling too big or too small.  Aware of every small slight no matter how unintentioned.  The score keeper.  I hope as time goes on that you realize you are the glue that keeps things together.  You pull your big sister out of her shell and make her be social, you tease your baby sister to let her know she's not the bees knees.  You love color and design and your Mommy loves to take you shopping because you notice all the details and want to stay and look just as long as I do.  You feel things so big and deep and remind us all to be more sensitive to the injustices in the world.  You add the spice to our lives.  I love you, Peach. 

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you are a beautiful writer , would you like to write about my children?

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