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Knitting 2011 013 
Note to Self:  You would really be happier if you would organize this shelving unit in the playroom better.  You know, make it nicer to look at. . . tidy it up a bit. . . throw some things away.  You stare at it all day long and it makes you want to gouge your eyeballs out.   The fabric strips have been sitting up on top there for a year.  Either make the darn quilt or hire someone that will.   Deal with it and life will look brighter.  In fact, this whole room could use some help.  Idea:  Ask Lizzie to come over and leave her alone in the room for, oh, a few hours.  Tell her you have to run to the store for some milk.  It might work.

Knitting 2011 015 
Knitting 2011 016 
Your dining table is not a permanent storage solution!  (Yes, we eat dinner in the playroom.  Don't ask.  It's a small house.)  Consider these before photos.  I'm in a serious decluttering mood.  I'm drowning in kid "stuff" (polite term) and need to dig my way out before it's just a lost cause and I need to call the POD people.  Stay tuned.


yes, dear friend I will come over and make it beautiful.... but please stay and have tea with me while I do it, rather than running away to the store : ) BTW, when is the next time your mom comes into town? When she does, I say we go out for a yummy dinner together. Love you and miss you.
xoxo Lizzie

It's difficult to share these sorts of difficulties in space at home, but a lot of people have the same problem. Cheer up! If you have the right initiative, this room will get back in order! You will need all that space for a breather. =D

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