Our Christmas Craziness!

Things to Knit in 2011

So.  I have big knitting plans for 2011.  And before I let my imagination get away from me, I thought it might be helpful to set some knitting goals.  So, without further ado, ahem:

1.  Ida's Kitchen Hat (For Me)

2.  Dr. G's Memory Vest (For Hubby)

3.  Hobby Horse (Pippa)

4. Sugar and Spice Blanket (Nephew)

5.  Baby Bootah (Nephew)

6.  Tiny Leaves Cardigan (Little Bird and Sweet Peach)

7.  Tea Leaves Cardigan (For Me)

8.  Harry Potter Scarf  (Little Bird)

9.  Chickadee Hat (Undecided)

10.  Double-Breasted Car Coat (Sophia)    

11.  Discovery Cap (Sweet Peach)

12.  Flyingdales Cardigan (For Me) 

Click on the names for a photo of the item.  This is just a little taste of everything, but the big ones are there.


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