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Our Christmas Craziness!

Christmas 2010 164 
We managed to have a great Christmas.  We did this, even though things did not go so smoothly for us this year.  A few days before Christmas, due to the lovely snow storm of 2010, our ceiling in multiple rooms started to leak.

Christmas 2010 030 
Christmas 2010 003 
The brown section above is where the plaster fell off.  I think the low point of the whole event was when I discovered that the leak had gone into a closet where a lot of "special" gifts were stashed.  Needless to say, it was the first time in my life when I thanked God for extensive packaging.  We 
were up on our roof on Christmas Day shoveling.  Uuuugh.  We tried, as much as possible, to keep the girls oblivious to the stress.  I don't think we were very successful at this, but we tried.

Christmas 2010 020

We still managed a typical crazy Christmas morning.  And we made it to all of the necessary relatives.

Christmas 2010 059 
The girls really loved sledding with Opa and Debbie and again with Uncle Josh.

Christmas 2010 095 
I managed to finish some of my knitting projects.  Heavy emphasis on the "some".  "Some" are still being finished up to this day.

Christmas 2010 158 
Sophia's Tiny Leaves Cardigan.  It fits her perfectly.  So, of course, I'm planning to knit one for each daughter.  We'll see.Christmas 2010 157 
Christmas 2010 153 Christmas 2010 145
Another big highlight of our trip was the special tea party that Grandma Annie had for the big girls.  They thought this was soooo special.  And you know what?  It really was.  So, really, a great Christmas even with all the leaks.


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