Things to Knit in 2011


Knitting 2011 002 
When the weather outside is frightful, I want to put on my Smartwool socks and brew a fresh pot of Dunkin' Donuts coffee and curl up with my blankee for a good knit.  This is my desire today as I gaze out at our snow filled backyard.  My dog doesn't even want to go out there.

Knitting 2011 008 
So, I'll pretend with this blog post that that is exactly what I am able to do today.  My reality, though, is often quite different.  On a typical day, I am caring for a two year old, a 20 month old (mine), and a 6 month old, until three o'clock when my ten year old and 6 year old arrive home from school.  The knitting shot looks so nice and tidy, doesn't it?  It makes you think the rest of the room looks exactly like this.  However, if you knew what I moved off the couch to get this photo!

Knitting 2011 001 
Let's just keep on pretending, shall we, it makes me feel good.  More details on the knitted items to follow.  I'm going back to my steaming cup of coffee and my wool sock daydream.


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