The Hairy Knit


Knitting 003 
My slouchy hat.  And let me tell you. . .  it's realllly slouchy.  In fact, if I make another one, which is highly likely, I will definitely do some alterations.  I have to say, though, that I'm finding it nice to have a slightly too big hat.  This has never happened to me before, that I can recall, because my head is enormous and most store bought hats barely fit at all.  Having a slightly too big hat allows you to still have nice hair!  And in Minnesota, in the middle of January, that is a big deal.

Knitting 005 
My mother's shawl is done and waiting to be mailed.  My issue with this was that it called for two skeins and I chose this gorgeous variegated yarn.  However, the skeins were ever so slightly different in saturation, and if you streatch the whole thing out, you can really tell.  But really, when it's on your actual bod, no one notices.  I know this because I tried it out.  Um.  Several times.  So Mom, just make sure to wear it lots.  Also, the ruffle . . . took longer to knit than the whole shawl itself!  I am forever wary of ruffles.  Now to finish my brother's hat.  Knit.  Knit.  Knit.


Love the slouchy hat - and the pretty shawl!

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