Gone So Long
Our Christmas Craziness!

The Weather Outside . . .

Linnea-Snow Storm 2010 082 
Well, in case you hadn't heard, it snowed here.  We got kind of a lot of it.  Like really a lot.

Linnea-Snow Storm 2010 036 
The children, of course, were in heaven.

Linnea-Snow Storm 2010 056 
Pippa had her first sleigh ride.  She thought the snow was pretty cool.

Linnea-Snow Storm 2010 017 

Linnea-Snow Storm 2010 062 
This is definitely a storm that the kids will remember.  Now, I really need to kick it in gear to get ready in time for Christmas.  That was a whole weekend shopping day knocked out of the water (or should I say snow?)

Linnea-Snow Storm 2010 035 
Oh, and let's not forget, my now toothless peach!  How adorable is that?  Christmas concert photos soon to follow.



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