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Thank you, God.

Linnea birthday party 146 
There are moments in life when all you can do is sit back and say, "Thank you, God." 

See this burn mark?  If you drill a hole through the wall of our house right there, you are looking at my little bird's bed.  In fact, you are sitting on it, reading her a bedtime story, like every other night of her life.  Last night, around 8:45 pm, due to crazy strong winds, the electric wires on our house that are attached to it via a "mast" were partially blown off, with the wires being partially severed.  It was enough to take out part of our power but not all of it.  It left us wandering around our house turning things on and off in a very perplexed fashion trying to figure out why some things worked while others didn't.  In the mean time, as the wires were still "live", our house was trying to burn itself down, and we didn't know it.  In fact, the only thing that kept it from spreading was the fact that the shingles stayed wet from the continuous drizzling rain.

The electrician that came out to do the repair, showed me this huge nut that was used to secure the "mast" to the house and it was a melted blob.  They had to cut it off.  I'm talking about a nut that's a couple of inches in diameter reduced to a blob.

I have been slightly weepy about this all day.  There are alot of things that happen in a family's life as the years go by that lead one to moan and complain.  "Oh, the blasted sink is broken again." or "The basement is wet again."  "When are we going to have the money to replace this. . .  any number of things that, when it comes right down to it, don't matter all that much."

Today, I am grateful for my ancient, peeling porcelain tub, my cracked concete steps and my damp moldy basement, because I have all my children healthy and happy, fighting right now in their bedroom upstairs.

Thank you, God.

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Linnea little house 028 

Linnea little house 009 

Dressing Up

Linnea little house 003 
My little bird is going to a living history museum for a school field trip and is required to dress in costume.  She couldn't look cuter.  Really, do you think I could get away with having her dress like this all the time?  Probably not without a lot of odd looks from the neighbors and my hubby wondering if I've gone off the religious deep end.  It sure beats the Hannah Montana look though doesn't it?

And sweet Pippa is all about the hats these days.  And really, with those funky ears, I love her in a good hat.  I could smooch that face all day long.

Linnea little house 021 

I know enough, now, as a mother of three girls, that I fully live up these sweet dressing phases.  Where they let you dress them in pretty much whatever your heart desires.  Although, Pippa is definitely getting opinionated about her head and foot wear.

Linnea little house 017 

So far she's got pretty good taste, though, don't you think?


See this girl.  She's ten now.  She had just turned five in this photo.  That was yesterday.  A blink of an eye.  Seemingly so close to me I feel like I can just reach out and touch it.  I remember that, until the preschool halloween party, she wanted to be an astronaut.  Then she found out all the girls were going to be fairies and princesses.  Even here she looks slightly resigned, a little reluctant.  If you knew her now, you'd know she's no fairy.  She likes rocks and animals and the color blue.  I love this photo of her because I feel like she's baring her soul.  She's asking me.  Is it okay that I gave in this one time and went with the crowd.  I gave in and did the fairy thing, are you disappointed? 

I want to tell her, that it's hard to stand up and be who you're really meant to be and it takes all of us a long time to figure it all out.  Don't worry, five years from now you'll be a little closer to finding yourself.  You'll be strong and graceful and funny and beautiful and brilliant and loving and everything I'd ever hoped you would be.  I look at this photo and feel how blindingly fast it went and wonder at what five years from now will hold for her and for me as her mother. 

At fifteen I had fallen in love for the first time and had my heart broken.  I spent far too much time in the bathroom in front of the mirror and on the phone talking to boys or talking to friends about boys.  I was quite emotional and melodramatic.  I was nasty to my mother.  Oooohhhh. . . I'm so not ready for that.  

I'll take ten. 

Ten is still little. . .  in a way. . . right? 

The teenager is in there.  Can't you just see her?  Waiting for just the right moment to show herself.

Nana's House

Nanas 015 
Nanas 010 
Nanas 009 

About a week ago, little Pippa and I went to visit Nana in Michigan, just the two of us.  The Bigs stayed with Daddy.  It was nice to have a little one on one time with her.  It doesn't happen often.  During the school day, she shares her Mommy with two little daycare kids and after school she shares her Mommy with her big sisters, as a result, I fear she's turning into something of a toughie.  We had so much fun just hanging out with Nana.

Nanas 037 
Nanas 042 
Nanas 039 

No visit to Nana's is really complete without a stop at Hennes Park on Lake Michigan.

Nanas 098 

Really, now, how can you resist that?  Miss you, already, Nana!

Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

Marathon 2010 019 

Back to her old tricks.  Hi, Mommy, let me give you a mischievous grin since I'm sitting on top of the dining table.