Thank you, God.

Dressing Up

Linnea little house 003 
My little bird is going to a living history museum for a school field trip and is required to dress in costume.  She couldn't look cuter.  Really, do you think I could get away with having her dress like this all the time?  Probably not without a lot of odd looks from the neighbors and my hubby wondering if I've gone off the religious deep end.  It sure beats the Hannah Montana look though doesn't it?

And sweet Pippa is all about the hats these days.  And really, with those funky ears, I love her in a good hat.  I could smooch that face all day long.

Linnea little house 021 

I know enough, now, as a mother of three girls, that I fully live up these sweet dressing phases.  Where they let you dress them in pretty much whatever your heart desires.  Although, Pippa is definitely getting opinionated about her head and foot wear.

Linnea little house 017 

So far she's got pretty good taste, though, don't you think?


Adorable! Oh how I love the living history museum...

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