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Rockin' My New Hat

Sophia fall 2010 049 
Sophia fall 2010 047 
She picked this hat out at the store and wore it all day.  She thought she was pretty cool, let me tell you!  My poor Pippa is now on her third antibiotic for a double ear infection that will just not go away.  What with all the sickness going on around here, I swear I'm turning into Howie Mandel with all my germ aversion.  The sweet peach is also home from school with a fever of 101.  This is almost exactly ten days after little Pippa got over her 103 degree fever.  Maybe we all need to start taking some vitamins.  I'm now carrying a personal sized Lysol spray can in my purse just in case a particular urge to decontaminate comes over me.  Some one call the looney bin if you see me sporting some rubber gloves!

Sophia fall 2010 045