Our Trip: Part One
Denver Zoo


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Hello.  This is Wyoming.  This was Wyoming for hours and hours.  The top two photos were the most interesting photos I could manage.  There is actually stuff to look at in the distance!  And honestly, I think that middle one may still be South Dakota.  Mostly, though, eastern Wyoming is the bottom photo.  Lots and lots of the bottom photo.  Hours and hours.  You can't really get lost in Wyoming because if you aren't finding exactly what you're looking for there isn't anything else there to confuse you.  We stopped in Cheyenne for dinner and weren't impressed with our dining options, so we said to ourselves, "Maybe there's something better just over that hill." 

Off we went, in search of better dining choices.

Over the hill? 

Bottom photo.


That's kinda funny - I live in rural ND and it's the same vista - and the same about stopping - if there's a town at all you'd better fill up - tanks and tummies both...

...it really is beautiful though...

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