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Our Trip: Part One

Colorado Trip 2010 008Colorado Trip 2010 042 Colorado Trip 2010 019 Colorado Trip 2010 024

This was a trip that I'll remember forever.  There's just something special about a family road trip.  Perhaps it's not the hours on end of wanting to pull your hair out because your children are in the back of the minivan gouging each other's eyes out. Really, there was a point there somewhere in Wyoming where I thought, "LET ME OUT!"  I don't care if I haven't seen so much as a tree in three hours, just let me out.  But, seriously, there's something special about it, I'm telling you.  There's a sort of, we're in this together and we're going to make it great, darn it, kind of attitude that takes hold even in 103 degree heat at the Corn Palace in the middle of South Dakota!  I only took polaroids there, because, really, it's a building with corn on it.  

One of our first stops, of digital photo worthiness, was Mount Rushmore.  Amazing.  Really, I had no idea it would be this great.  You can just stand there and stare at it forever trying to imagine how such an amazing thing was accomplished.

Colorado Trip 2010 056 Colorado Trip 2010 050

We also saw Crazy Horse.  We paid a bazillion dollars to take this picture.

Colorado Trip 2010 060

Again, very cool.  I hope they use the bazillion dollars to finish him.  More on our trip later, after I gather my photos in some sort of organized fashion.


Awesome! I loved seeing all your pictures after our 'flu vacation' last year where we got only one little glimpse of Mt. Rushmore...

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