Denver Zoo
Glenwood Springs

On the train

Colorado Trip 2010 169
We took the California Zephyr from Denver to Glenwood Springs.  I'm telling you, this is an amazing train ride.  I'm sort of addicted and can't wait to take another trip.  The national parks guy on the train said if I like this ride I should take the one through Alaska because the wild life you can see from the train is amazing.  I'm tempted, although, I'm not quite sure what one does in Alaska when one gets there.  I'll be honest, I was a little leary of having a sixteen month old on a train for 5-6 hours, but she did remarkably well.

Colorado Trip 2010 175

Colorado Trip 2010 174

It was a long wait for the train.  And I mean a loooonnnnggg wait.  The train was running behind. . . like seven hours behind (it's a long boring story so I'll save you the details)!  But we did have a very nice morning in Denver we wouldn't have had otherwise so that was a plus.

Colorado Trip 2010 171

Colorado Trip 2010 165 
Lunch from the hot dog man near the baseball field for the Rockies.  (At least, I think that's what that building was, right honey?)

Colorado Trip 2010 193

My sweet husband was so great with little Pippa.  I couldn't have done it without him.

Colorado Trip 2010 179

The view was amazing.  There really aren't words to describe it well enough, so I leave you with a few of my favorite images.

Colorado Trip 2010 186

Colorado Trip 2010 199

Colorado Trip 2010 200

Colorado Trip 2010 201 
Amazing.  More later.  When my child isn't pulling on my arm screaming "UUUUPPPPPPP!!!"


What fun! Oh how I love train rides...

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