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Denver Zoo

Colorado Trip 2010 105 
The Denver Zoo was amazing.  We spent, practically, an entire day there.  My elephant obsessed oldest was so excited to see these beauties.  Apparently, the lady on the right has a dysfunctional trunk!  She can't swing it very well and as a result it's quite a bit skinnier than her friend on the left.  Huh. . . interesting tidbit via the zoo keeper.  They are in the process of building a huge Asian addition and we were informed that if we return in four year or so they plan on having little elephant babies!  Well, we'll have to put that on our list.  Maybe on our trip out to see the Grand Canyon we can stop in again.

Colorado Trip 2010 111

Gorgeous animals.  I'm telling you, the habitats they have set up are truly beautiful to look at and you feel like it's as close to their natural home as you can get without actually being out in the bush.

Colorado Trip 2010 118

Colorado Trip 2010 124

Colorado Trip 2010 121

Colorado Trip 2010 123

It always makes me sad to see the apes in a zoo.  I think any animal that has the intelligence of a three year old child should be left in its natural habitat.  You can't tell me this guy doesn't know he's in jail.

Colorado Trip 2010 116

Uh 0h.  Who let these monkeys out?  We had so much fun.  If you get a chance, you should go.


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