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Thanks for a great weekend!

We traveled to visit some dear friends a few weeks ago at their island cabin and had a blast.

Summer 2010 002 
See these guys?  They've been hanging out together, when they can, since college.  I think this photo would look great next to one with all of them from twenty (yes twenty!) years ago.  However, I'm thinking back then when one actually needed to have film on hand to take a picture and be sober enough to coordinate a decent photo, the chances of that type of picture floating around are pretty slim. 

Summer 2010 018

The girls loooved hanging out in the water and swimming like fish.  Well, more like with the fish actually.

Summer 2010 020

My little bird went tubing for the first time and man was she soooo excited.  Thank you Chris for all your boating.  You made their day!

Summer 2010 028

We spent quite a bit of our time following this little monkey around, but it was all worth it just to spend time in the beautiful outdoors with some fabulous friends on the sweetest little island you've ever seen.

Summer 2010 032

I have to say, I was pretty stressed out about bringing her with us.  No, not the baby, the dog.  But really, it was probably one of the highlights of the trip for me.  Watching my dog be completely and totally free for two days was heaven.  Their were five dogs total on that island and she was by far the craziest and the poor thing can barely swim (I discovered this after pushing her off the end of the dock. . . I thought she just needed a little encouragement.)  I'm trying to think of a good way to describe what this dog swimming looks like and the closest I can come to it is if you imagine a dog trying to keep her paws completely out of the water while she's swimming that's as close as I can get to it.  She would lift each front paw completely out of the water and then plunge it back in just long enough to keep herself afloat.  It was a very loud and splashy process and had me laughing so hard tears were rolling down my face.  Let me tell you, this dog was so exhausted when we got home that for a solid week she barely moved.  Honestly, I was starting to think she'd gotten sick somehow.  It was all she could do to drag herself over to her bowl for dinner and then crawl back over to the cool ceramic tile to resume her nap.  She's back to her lunatic self now, though, so I know it was just all the excitement and running around that drained her energy.  Again, thank you Ron for a week of tired dog.

Summer 2010 056 
My sweet husband was a great help with the monkey and did quite well, I have to say, for not being much of an outdoorsy kind of guy.  We're going to get him in a tent, yet, just you wait and see.  A great weekend with great friends.  Now, I just have to pack for our road trip out to Colorado. . .

Growing Up!

She's been gone for 5 days.  I want her home now.  It's been hard to go about my days not knowing what she's up to and my heart says that this is just a taste of what it will be like when she's all grown up.Door County 2010 008Door County 2010 004Door County 2010 009 

I've had a moment of enlightenment so to speak.  Up until this age, going on ten,  I've been so busy waiting for the next milestone.  When are they going to walk?  When are they going to talk?  Use the potty?  Dress themselves?  Go to school?  Learn to read?  Ride a bike?  Then, as your child approaches ten you start to dig in your feet.  Wait.  Wait.  Don't grow up too fast.  Stay just like this a moment longer.  The child starts to melt away and you see the first peak of a young girl soon to be young lady.  And your heart aches.  The mean girlfriend fighting will start, the boy crushes, the hormones, the drama, the make-up, the endless talking on the phone, the too loud music, oohhh  and let's not forget the dreaded eye roll.  Yeah, you know it's coming.  Just stay almost ten.  Just stay like this a minute longer.  I love who you are right now.  I'll leave tomorrow where it belongs. 

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