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Strawberry Picking Season!

It's strawberry time.  I packed the girls in the minivan and drove to the local strawberry patch.  It was busy but the berries were plentiful.  They had a blast hunting for the juiciest ones.  My sweet peach kept saying, "Oooo. . . look at this baby." and she'd hold her find up for all to see.

Percy-Strawberries 024

Percy-Strawberries 027

Percy-Strawberries 025

Percy-Strawberries 023

Pippa gave her vote on what should be done with all of these berries.

Percy-Strawberries 033

Percy-Strawberries 030

Don't even think about takin' my berry!

Really, though, what am I going to do with all of these?

Percy-Strawberries 029 

That's a whole lotta berries!

Oh.  I almost forgot.  The peach wants to show off her new dress:)

Percy-Strawberries 016

She's a little fashionista, I'm telling you.  She knows just how to strike a pose, too.  And that, in the background, would be our messy playroom.  Ignore the chaos.  I do.  


Zoo-Ballet Recital-Picnic 195_edited-1

The end of kindergarten.  I'm happy for her, but sad to see it go.  This last week has been crazy with Craig out of town, but I did manage to make it to the kindergarten picnic, which was complete with the required table of goodies.

Zoo-Ballet Recital-Picnic 217

I'm hoping that she enjoys first grade as much as she did kindergarten. 

Zoo-Ballet Recital-Picnic 234_edited-1

A good time was had by all, of course, no party is complete without a little bit of chalk and a whole lot of bubbles.

Zoo-Ballet Recital-Picnic 252
I'm thinking of trying to find some digital photography classes.  I'm really enjoying figuring out just what my camera can do and I love getting that perfect shot.  That picture where something inside you just says "Yes!" when you hear the click because you know you got just what you wanted. 


She's a Star

Zoo-Ballet Recital-Picnic 165 edit
Well, the peach had her dance show at the Children's Theatre.  She was wonderful.  She's informed me, though, that she's decided to hang up the dancing shoes.  "They hurt my feet."  In favor of acting classes.  "I want to be on TV."  Oh. Dear.  I guess you never know what they'll come up with next.

Zoo-Ballet Recital-Picnic 130 edit_edited-1 Zoo-Ballet Recital-Picnic 132 edit_edited-1 Zoo-Ballet Recital-Picnic 129 copy

Goodness,  she certainly doesn't lack the drama!  It's so funny because you could'nt pay my oldest a million dollars to get up on that stage and perform like that.  I asked the peach, "Are you nervous?"  "Nope," she said very matter of factly.  "Not at all."

Zoo-Ballet Recital-Picnic 161

The little ones were soooo sweet.

Zoo-Ballet Recital-Picnic 173 
Ready to go on stage.

Zoo-Ballet Recital-Picnic 181 
You do know all dancers receive flowers after their performance right?  The little bird was slightly dismayed.  "What are those for?"  She asks.

Zoo-Ballet Recital-Picnic 177 

Not to worry, she got some love too:)

These are the moments you remember forever.