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An Artful Life


My house is full of art.  Big art, little art.  Art in 2D and 3D.  Art on scraps and art on canvas.  Fabric art.  Written art.  I often go to friends houses and envy their advanced level of organization.  A level that I can't manage to attain no matter what lengths I go to achieve it.  I felt badly about this for a long time.  What must people think of me with all this colorful detritus floating about?  However, most of this art belongs to my two (now three) small artists in residence.  Someday, they will be gone and I can hire a cleaning lady to keep my house spotless and I will miss the dioramas, the watercolors, the clay figures that faintly resemble something I can't quite remember. . .


In the mean time, I will cope with the piles.  And hope that my children will remember being able to make messy elaborate "projects" for days on end in the middle of the dining table.



Do you know?


Do you know you mean the world to me?

Do you know I look up to you for how great you are with people?  How open and warm you are right off the bat when I can be kind of loud and abrasive?  How everyone you ever meet seems to like you? So often I'm all caught up in my own head.  I don't see people sometimes.  You pay attention to people.  You remember their names and where they're from and their personal story.  You make people feel like they matter.

I look up to you for what a great cook you are when I can barely boil water?  You are an amazing chef, a better cook than I could ever dream of being.  I spent a whole day once just trying to make a pancake.

Do you know that I'm sorry?

I'm sorry I left during the hardest time in your childhood.

I didn't call and I didn't write because I was being selfish.  I just wanted to get away from it all and not look back.  But I left you there.  I know how hard it was.  I know.  I think about it alot when I watch you struggle.  How I could've made it easier for you by being there.  But I wasn't,  and I can never go back and change that.  I would if I could.

Do you know your nieces adore you?  When is Uncle Josh coming?  Where is Uncle Josh?  They love you and can't wait to see you again.  

Do you know that you are the only person that can write your own story.  That regardless of all the things that have happened in your life you can still make it turn out the way that you want?

Do you know I'll help you any way that I can?

Do you know I can't imagine this world without you in it?

Do you know you could've died?

Do you know I love you?

Do you know?

All Cut Up


I think this is the arrangement I'm going to go with.  Nine blocks of this set-up.  I have to say, blogging about my progress is very helpful in the keeping on task challenge. Did I mention that the fabric is flannel?  Oh, joy of joys, how I love flannel!  I even have enough left over for a very cute throw pillow, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.  After all, I have several little monkeys running around here as a distraction.


Cute monkeys, but monkeys none the less.

Can I do it?


Starting my first quilt.  I'm going very basic here, just plain old squares.  We shall see.  My honey is like, "So, when are you going to have time to do this exactly?"  Oh, you know, between Girl Scouts, and Gymnastics, and Ballet Class, and piano lessons, and Basketball practice, and Book Club, and Running Club, and the daycare kids, and running the church nursery, and cleaning my house occaisionally.  And blogging.  You know, somewhere in there.  Somehow.  I will.

The Best Coach

They won.  They won.  They won.  And they won because they have the best coach ever. . . my honey.  When I sit on the sidelines, parents come up to me and profess their love of my husband's coaching ways.  The girls love him and after a losing season last year he's managed to turn things around.

He's thirty-nine now, and to think I met him when he was just twenty-five.  Oh, how the years do fly.  Happy Birthday.

Sweet Napping

This is my first post from the new laptop.  I'm hoping to be a much more frequent blogger now that I have easier access to my computer.  This is one of those sweet moments that I often catch with my babes and my honey.  This is a favorite Daddy cuddle pose.  They don't seem to do this for me.  I'm glad, though, that he has something he can claim as his own.

These crazy days.

The girls had retro day at school.  This would be my little bird feelin' very 70's.  Take a close look at those adorable jeans I found on clearance because it's probably the last time you'll see her in them.  My girl is not a fan of restrictive clothing but was willing to deal with it in the name of school spirit.

The peach was loving the poodle skirt and, though you can't see it, a very high pony tail tied with a scarf.  She has recently decided to switch from hip hop to tap and ballet.  This is probably what she originally wanted and Mommy talked her into hip hop.  Sometimes, you've just gotta let them do what they want to do.

She's such a serious dancer.

And poor sweet Pippa has RSV, a nasty respiratory virus.  She's on the mend, but it came on the heels of the peach and me recovering from the stomach flu.  Be gone sick season.  I've brought out the bleach.  She was loving those glasses, by the way, and could there be a cuter face out there?  I don't think so.

Here's to wishing for sunny days ahead.