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Pippa Nine Months

Oh. . . it goes soooo fast.  Look at that big girl.

Could you find a sweeter face?  My little Pippa, I love you so.  I look at that face and think of all of the wonderful things out there waiting for her to discover, and I'm the lucky person that gets to hold her hand while she's doing it.

Lately, I especially enjoy watching her sleep.  Look at those pudgy hands.  Don't you just want to eat them?   

Pippa's First Christmas

Someone started crawling on Christmas.

She's very excited about it and getting into lots of trouble.

_MG_4783 The girls, ofcourse, got way too much stuff.  So we are currently in the process of purging.  Time for a visit to Good Will.  I keep explaining to them that we have to let go of the old to bring in the new.  Our teeny house can only handle so much stuff.

It was the people we don't get to spend much time with that I enjoyed the most.

All in all, such a lovely time.

"Really?  Must you?"  Angel says.

Bring on 2010!