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View of a Nursing Mother:  This is often my view for many hours of the day.  I should really try to set up a comfy nursing spot in a more attractive part of the house.


The Quiet Desperation of the Third Child:  I'm in this plastic bucket while my family goes from one activity to the next.


Mommy?  Can I take a picture of myself?:  Taking ones own photo is more difficult than it sounds.


The Proud Soccer Star:  This was her first medal and she really couldn't have been more excited.


Playing Injured:  She was a trooper with all her scrapes she still went out there and gave it her all!

Lake Geneva


This incredible statue sits in the middle of a fountain on the shores of Lake Geneva.  The family took a short mini-vacation. . . a little swimming. . . a little walking about town.  It was alot of fun.


She's really becoming her own little soul.  I love watching her turn into this interesting, quirky person.


I think I'll call this one "Me" and "Mini-me" because she is so much her father's daughter, isn't she?  Could they look more alike?


And of course we have to have the ever present baby feet photo.  Just because I love them.


Lake Geneva, we'll have to come back for a longer stay.  You were lovely.

More Door!


The poor little Pippa spent so much time on vacation in this seat.  Eventually, she got fed up and would wail as soon as our arms made the motions to put her in it.  There were these blissful moments, however, where we got sweet grins out of her.  Oh these sweet baby days!


Of course there was alot of time to just hang out at the shore and practice our stone skipping skills. 


The kids favorite place in Door County now is definitely "The Farm"  This wonderful beauty was so cute.  When you walked by her pen she would stick out her tongue and kind of moo at you so that you would throw her some corn to munch.


These poor chicks.  They get many squishes a day, I'm sure.


One of the last stops is the always packed bunny hutch.  They are soooo cute.  Everything at this place is immaculate and the animals are all very well cared for, I really couldn't say enough about what a joy it is to come here every year with the family.


Finally, a photo of me with my girls.  Look carefully, as the photographer in the family, it's one in a million.

The Wedding


My sweet peach and the little bird in front of my hometown church, St. Mary's, for my cousin's wedding.  It seems my family has a wedding every summer.  This event was meaningful for many reasons not the least of which was the miracle of my middle child allowing me to do her hair.  If you don't know her, you wouldn't know that I constantly worry the child is going to get carple tunnel from holding her hair out of her face all day.  She barely tolerates a tiny barrette in her hair much less this elaborate hair job.  Honestly, you could hardly recognize her.  I talked her into it by calling this "do" princess hair!  She walked around all day staring at herself in mirrors and grinning from ear to ear.  "Momma, I'm a pwetty pwincess!"  Yes, you sure are!


These large family get togethers are much harder for my oldest child, who has turned out to be the shy quiet one that tends to get overwhelmed by large crowds of strange adults.  She tends to melt into my side and you pretty much hardly hear a peep out of her.


I tend to catch her wandering off by herself. . .


Although, no one can pass up a great ride on the golf cart.  From right to left, that's my youngest cousin, my cousin Becky's oldest we'll call "Honey", my sweet peach, and the little bird.


The sweet peach turned out to be a true party girl.  She would have stayed out there all night.  There she is doing the electric slide.  Mommy and Daddy bowed out on this one claiming dance moves ignorance.  Her response was "That's okay I'll figure it out myself."  And she did!

July Fun


Waiting for the parade to start with Pippa on my lap the little bird couldn't resist those sweet baby toes.  This is probably one of my favorite photos of the summer thus far.


Pippa's first laugh on the Fourth of July and I caught it with the camera!  Don't you love the muffin hat?

IMG_3063 The sweet peach wore her patch from Pirate's Cove all day.  The first time she was included in the daddy/daughter mini-golf expedition.


Sisters. . . minus one sleeping in the stroller.  I've got lots more to share from our vacation, however, I hear alot of yelling going on upstairs and better go investigate.