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Life With Three Children


Do you really need to take a picture of me EVERY day?  Yes.  I really need to take a picture of you every day, because someday soon you will be holding rattles and cooing.  Someday soon you will be eating baby food and picking up cheerios with your cute chubby fingers.  Someday soon you will be crawling all over the place probably getting into the dog dish.  Someday soon you will take your first steps and Mommy will have to do something about the cement coffee table.  Someday soon you will throw your first fit and arch your back and scream for all to hear.  Someday soon you will say "Mama" and "Dada".  Some day soon you will grow up, and go to school, and have friends, and I will miss you.   So, yes, I need to take a picture of you every day.


This is my teeny tiny self at one month old. 


Opa came to visit for Grandparent's Day at the little bird's school.


Everyone had a grand time and the little bird was so happy.


Mommy and baby took a trip to Michigan so we could spend some time with "downstairs Great Grandma".


The little bird finished up second grade.  Can you believe it?  She definitely has her own sense of style.


The sweet peach and I took the baby to the park for the first time.


She slept through it.


Pippa (the official blog name) in her new pretty dress.


The last few days have been full of end of the school year events (two picnics in one day).


I can't stop taking feet pictures.  Don't you just want to eat them up?


Official two month photo.  "I'm as big as the rabbit, now pick me up."  Thank you to Great Grandma in Colorado for the lovely blanket.  It's beautiful and we use it all the time.


The final photo of the day.  From time to time, every girl needs a new hat.  I vow to get more timely with this blog thing.  I'm cleaning out the house for a garage sale at the end of June so I can recover from the months of being unable to do much of anything and to prove to all our friends that we really can fit in this house with three kids, getting the girls set for summer, trying to send out the last of the much belated thank you notes, and sleeping. . . occaisionally.