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Another 24 Hours.


I have accomplished many things in my short life.  I'm all done with the funky sunglasses, though the nurse forgot to take the cool velcro off my head.  They thought they were so smart covering my hands up with socks because I like to pull on all the colorful wires they stick to me.  I discovered velcro is a nice sock catcher.


I got to take off the funky foot light. . .


and that ouchy head thing.


Momma is excited she can pick me up whenever she wants now instead of just holding my hand.


So, all in all, I'm pretty tired.  Now if someone could just tell me how to get this string out of my nose, I think they'd let me go home.


I'll nap on it and let you know what I think tomorrow.  Love to everyone.  Say your prayers for me.