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It's been sooooo long!

I apologize to all of my dedicated blog readers for such a long break.  We are expecting our third baby at the end of April and let's just say this first trimester has been . . . well. . . less that pleasant.  I think I feel comfortable saying I'm beginning to feel better (fingers crossed).  I can actually fold more than two towels before feeling nauseous and collapsing on the couch.  I am, at this moment, forever greatful for my husband's inability to see household dirt because I'm pretty sure my house has never been dirtier.  I was looking at the kitchen floor yesterday and I couldn't recall the last time it's been washed (not a good sign).  Anyway,  I have a few hours here and there now where I feel somewhat like a normal person.  Thank you God!

This post is basically a catch up.  A glob of photos that fills you in on the last few months.

IMG_1933The little bird won first place all around in her second gymnastics competition! 

IMG_1921We attended my cousin's wedding in Chicago.  This would be my cousins Megan and Elizabeth (Bert) and my cousin Becky's oldest we'll call Honey.  Isn't she a honey?  My honies were happily camped out at Grandma Annie's.  Thank you Grandma!