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More Door!

Oh, if I had more time to work on this.  I wish I could be a daily blogger or even a weekly blogger would be nice.  Like right now, "MoMMM!!!  Can you please get me. . . . "  UUHHHHH!!!

Okay.  Anyway.  I have soooo many photos from Door County; I'm never going to be able to post them all.  I've decided to just put up my favorites.


Washington Island:  On the trail up to the look-out.


The trees and light up there were so gorgeous!


This one's going up on the wall.


The rocks on Washington Island are protected?!  Over and over we saw signs warning us not to take the rocks.  This is such a problem they needed to take such drastic action!?  That's crazy.


Church garden in Fish Creek.  


Two boat houses in Fish Creek at sunset.


Shores of Fish Creek during sunset.  Doesn't she look so grown-up?  Oh. . my heart hurts.


Sisters.  Yes. . . they really are related.  Little bird's second front tooth came out shortly after this trip.  She's also decided to grow her hair out "just a tiny bit" in the back because she got tired of being refered to as "this little guy" by strangers.  More Door County trip photos to follow when I have time. . .