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Father's Day!

IMG_1152We had a wonderful Father's Day weekend.  We attended the town's annual summer parade.  This year I decided to take the dog.  Not the best idea I've ever had.  She was actually really well behaved until the marching band came through.  Apparently, drums sound alot like thunder to a dog.  Thunder puts Angel into a panic.  She went a little berserk.  She was shaking and whimpering and trying to crawl under the lawn chairs.  I spent most of the parade hiding in a pet store around the corner trying to calm her down.  Afterward, though, they had a petting zoo set up in the park and the girls got to pet bunnies and chickens and goats and even a wallaby! 


The little bird did some rock climbing.

IMG_1147FYI: Flipflops are not recommended rock climbing attire.  On Sunday, it was off to meet some friends of ours at the zoo.  Our first stop was the butterfly exhibit.  The sweet peach was a little freaked out but my little bird so desperately wanted one of them to land on her.  Alas, it was not to be.  Though, we did get some great photos.


IMG_1172 Have I mentioned that I love my camera?

The animals were particularly photogenic today.


IMG_1192And as a last nod to my wonderful camera. . . the little bird went on a roller coaster with our friends' daughter and my camera captured a moment of pure joy!

IMG_1200 This was taken in motion! Can you even believe it!  Have I said I love my camera?  I hope your weekend was as wonderful as ours.

Summer Fun

Well, we pulled out the sprinkler and got a slip and slide.  The girls are having a blast already this summer.  The sweet peach and I went shopping for a new Fourth of July dress and this was her pick.

IMG_1078 She loves to twirl.

Here's the sprinkler fun:


IMG_1113 Happy Summer!

Piano Recital

Yes, I finally let her cut her hair the way she wanted.  I had to go stand at the check out because I couldn't stand to watch her cut anymore off.  I have to say, though, she does look adorable.  Mommy would like a little more hair in the back for first communion.  We have almost a whole year before that big day, though, and hair does grow afterall.  She did a wonderful job at her recital and the church was stunning, as you can see.


a nice shot of mostly everyone outside the church


My Tom-Boy Girl

My oldest would rather be a pirate than a princess.  Here's a curious thing.  I think she has stopped growing.  See these children she's with?  I swear last year the youngest two were exactly her height.  She's still wearing last years clothing size!  Hmmm. . .well, it's a money saver anyway.  Here I thought she was going to tower over everyone with all of the tall genes swimming around in her family.