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Grandparent's Day!

*Please bare with me while I figure out the new format this program is using.  I'm quite frustrated, but hope to figure out all the quirks soon.

Grandparent's Day was a huge success at the little bird's school.  She was so excited to show her grandma's around and tell them all about her school and everything she's been doing this year.  The school did a great job welcoming all of the grandparents with food and coffee and flowers.  The flowers were particularly beautiful.


 After the program we all got to have lunch together.  The little sister was so happy to be able to join in all the fun.


Here she is waiting patiently with her two grandmas.


On the Sunday before the big day, we all got to attend the little bird's spring concert.  She was in the Cheer Club at school this year and got to put on a performance at the start of the concert.


All in all, it was a very successful event.  Next year, it's the Grandpa's turn!

The Accident

Well, I've been avoiding updating this until we knew how it would all turn out.  My sweet peach had an accident at the neighbors house.  The tip of her middle finger on her right hand was torn off by a piece of exercise equipment.  This stair master is kept unplugged and pushed up into the corner of their den in the basement.  They were not supposed to be on it.  However, they decided this would be the perfect place to play "space ship".  My beautiful girl sat on one step and her friend sat on the other step.  Her finger was in the middle (as far as we can tell).  The doctor at the emergency room sewed it back on but we had a harrowing weekend where we weren't sure if it was going to "take".  It "took".  She gets to keep her whole finger.


Trying to keep quiet and still at Opa's:


She got pushed around in the wheel-barrel!

We visited Nana too:


Anyway, healing is going well.  The stitches come out on Monday.  We won't know whether she'll have a nail or not for a few months.  Really, though, we're just grateful she gets to keep her whole finger.