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My Superstar!


She loves her gymnastics class!  It's so amazing to watch her do things I'm not sure I ever could've done myself. 


She's competing in her first meet next month, all on her own suggestion.  I thought that for a beginner it would introduce competition a little too early, but she asked to do it.  I think my husband is just so thrilled that she finally found a sport she seems to love.  He's just itching to have another team to cheer for.  I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that she continues to like it.  Who knows, next month it could be swimming.  I'm happy as long as she's enjoying herself.

A Day at the Park


I would say this place is tops on the girls list of favorite parks.  The snow has finally melted and the weather was exactly perfect for a day outside.  My peach could've played in the sand all day.  She was quite content to just sit and dig.


This has prompted Momma to buy some new shovels and pails.  Don't ask me what happened to last years shovels and pails.  There seems to be a shovel/pail eating monster that roams our garage between seasons because they are nowhere to be found.


That ponytail, by the way, was redone five times per the peach's request to achieve the perfect level of tightness and looseness.  Ahh. . . my little perfectionist.