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You Have Got To Be Kidding!


Yes, this is truly what it looks like in my front yard today.  I'm not kidding.  This is not a cruel joke.  It's not even April Fools Day yet.  Isn't it strange that on a crisp November morning I would find this image to be delightful, yet the day before the beginning of April it makes me want to weep.  Someone asked me recently when I was going to switch my kid's duvets out of their holiday flannel and into something less conducive to below zero temperatures.  Oh. . . I don't know. . . WHEN IT STOPS SNOWING!   

Lots of Thank Yous!

Lot of people to thank. . .

Opa and Debbie: Everyone has fallen in love with the great blue house.


Even the big sister.


And Nana: The girls love their Easter dresses.  The little bird couldn't stop twirling.

I got her to stand still long enough to take this shot.  I'll catch the sweet little peach on a later day.


She's still a baby right?  She's not really that big.  It must be a trick of the camera.

It's a Dog Thing

Well, let me start by saying that we love our dog.  She's definitely one of the family.  However, that doesn't necessarily mean we want everything to smell like her.  I have a daycare in my house and as a result our pooch has to spend a considerable amount of time either outside or sleeping on our bed (she likes to stare out our window and watch for her boyfriend acrossed the street).  This is really fine with us.  We are definitely not "no dogs on the furniture" type people.  Well, perhaps my husband would be if left to his own devices, but as I'm currently the primary home body, I win.  Really, though, I have no desire to crawl into my bed and wake up smelling of retriever and full of her lovely golden hair.  So I've been laying an old quilt down on top of our bed before I let her snooze.  This hasn't been really sufficient for me, though, as I'm always thinking her scent is going to permeate our down comforter which is really no fun to wash.  So, today I thought of a plan.  I'll roll up the down comforter and stuff it behind the throw pillows and just lay the quilt on top of the sheets.  I know you're thinking "well, what about the sheets?"  but those get washed quite frequently and the duvet does not.  So. . . that's what I did.  Several hours later I went in to check on her and this is what I found.


"What? You thought you could hide my squishy blanket that smells just like a big juicy bird?  Ha!  I laugh in your face!"  That's what she said; I swear. 

The Kid Birthday!

This one was healthy!  All of the peach's little friends came over and decorated cupcakes as party entertainment.  I bought every kind of thing you can think of to put on top of a cupcake (sprinkles, gummy worms, little chocolate mints, jelly bellies) and three kinds of frosting.  It was a huge hit.


This was a typical creation.  I believe this one was done by the little bird.  You can't even see the cupcake.


and this time, after the candles were blown out, we actually ate the cake!


Happy Birthday sweetheart.  And, yes, to those of you that are wondering, that is the purple dress.

The Sick Birthday

Well, we did the best we could.  That's all I can say about it.  We (the darling husband, myself, and the peach) were all desparately ill on her birthday.  We managed to wrap the gifts and sing the song and cut the cake.  The only actual eating of the cake was done by the little bird who managed to not get sick.  Thank you to our neighbors who allowed our daughter to pretty much live at their house for a week while we cleaned and recuperated. 


The peach was so happy with her baking set from American Girl; she set it all up right away.



Those dolls are going to have quite the feast!