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The Artist on a Sick Day


Thank you Opa and Debbie for the ultimate artist gift.  The little bird stayed home sick today and kept busy at her easel.  She is quite the serious artist and relishes in all of the supplies.  She spent quite a while working on this painting of our house.


Experimenting with sepia is fun too:


My Growing-up Girl


So beautiful and so serious.


The artist always has some color on her fingers.  And everyone said the red hair would fade.  If anything it's gotten even deeper.  My darling husband says soon she'll be too big to carry up to bed.  She'll have to walk.  Ooohhh . . . that's just heart wrenching to me.

New Things

The girls new bedding and Mommy's new shoes. 


The duvet cover is flannel.  The sheets are cotton.


I have neglected my feet long enough.  This is the second new pair of shoes I've bought in two months.  I had a weird moment a few months ago where I realized I had no socks.  I mean like none.  "How could this be?", I thought.  Well, when you wear Birkenstocks until it's so cold out you'll get frostbite and then you switch to Uggs (no socks required) it can happen.  Now I have both. . . shoes. . .  and socks.  What an amazing thing.

Too cute


Since we got the camera two days ago, every few hours my sweet peach asks, "Momma?  Do you wanna take a pitcha of me?"  And, I ask you, who wouldn't want to photograph this beauty?


Really. . . I can't help myself.

Moon Sand

I want to meet the fool that invented this.  As my neighbor said, "There was not parental involvement in the creation of this product."  As the ad on TV says, "It's like a sandbox for your house."  And why, might I ask, would one want such a thing?  Anyway, the little bird got some for her birthday and I've been hiding it from her for months.  The VIP finally said, why don't you invite the neighborhood kids over, make it into a party, and get it over with.  So that's what we did.


This is obviously a very early photo as the table and floor are not yet covered in sand.  Which, of course, the children promptly walked through and then carried it throughout the house on their socks.  The next owners of this home will be finding purple sparkly sand hidden away in nooks and crannies; I'm sure of it.


The kids had a blast.  Isn't that all that matters?