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The Big Christmas Post

Well, this is a big one.

First off, we have the Little Bird's Christmas concert.  She did a great job and was so pretty in her Christmas dress.  Notice that it is not pink.  Little Bird's rule is no pink.  Let me tell you, finding little girl clothes that have no pink is quite a trick.  This is also another new haircut picture.  She begged me to cut it even shorter, however, I told her that's as short as mommy goes with little girls.  When she's eighteen she can shave her head if she so desires.  Oddly, she looked quite excited about that prospect!


Then there's our Christmas tree.  You'll all get a copy of the story behind it in our Christmas letter.


Thirdly, there's the new princess shoes the peach got as a gift from a friend for Christmas.  They have become her new accessory.  She doesn't quite understand why Mommy won't let her wear them everywhere.  Is she my girlie girl or what?


A close-up:


And, yes, that's her purple Christmas dress that she's worn pretty much everyday since we bought it.

Finally, it snowed here last night and I just love it when the snow sticks to the branches like this.


Merry Christmas.  See you in 2008.

Little Bird Piano Recital II

She did a wonderful job.  Next year I think we may actually invite family to come and listen.  We weren't quite to that stage this year, but she did great.  It's a little painful listening to twenty versions of Twinkle, Twinkle, but we survived.


And the sisters shared some post performance love. . .


Isn't that sweet?