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Little Bird Turns Seven!

How could it be that my baby is seven years old?  Is that possible?  Who told her to grow up so fast?Well, she did. 

I have to brag a bit about these decorations.  Every year for awhile now, I decorate her room while she's sleeping the night before her birthday so that she can wake up to something special.  I was up until one thirty in the morning making these things.  It was worth it though to see her face in the morning.


Notice the lovely popcorn ceiling. . . I can't wait to just scrape that stuff off.


So, the whole roller dome birthday was a hit.  It was definitely a harkening back to my childhood.  You should have seen me get out there on those skates again after. . . oh. . . twenty-two or three years or so!  It was a sight, let me tell you. 


The whole thing was quite a success, if I do say so myself.