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Little Bird Gets a Trim

Well, here's the thing she's been on me about for weeks.  Can I get my hair cut. . . can I get my hair cut. . . can I get my hair cut?  She would've gone even shorter than this had I let her.  I, however, want my little girl to still look like a girl. 


Short but still sweet.

And from the side while wiggling her lose tooth.


And this is what my sweet princess typically does now when asked to pose for a photo. . .



First Day of School

The little bird starts first grade today at her new school.  I'm so proud of this little sweetheart.  She is such a wonderful honey of a girl to share my days with and I will be missing her. 




Yes, I'm one of those mothers that goes to the school and takes a picture of her child getting off the bus.  The VIP says, " So, how long are you planning on doing this?"  Umm, until college?!