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First Political Words

Well. . . here's my first commentary on what's going on in the world right now.  Have we all lost sight of what's really important?  Today, in this digital age, for people of our generation, it's so easy for us to talk about war in this distant, removed, academic way without really feeling what the reality of it is for so many.  This link says it all. . . James Blunt.  Watch it.  Peace.

I Would Call Her Trouble. . .

Well, our dear Angel is no angel.  If I named her now, I'd call her Trouble, as in, "Here comes trouble!" 


Angel says:  "What?!  I have no idea how that boot got there I was justing laying here minding my own business!"


My sweet little bird is so excited to have a buddy.  However, she wants to know "When is Angel going to start acting like Opa's dogs?"  My response: "Well. . . maybe in like. . a . . year???"  To which I receive the dramatic eye roll and two arm flap.  "A year!  That's like. . .  FOREVER!!!"


Ahhh. . . a successful wagon ride.  What more can you ask for?  Another note:  We are hiring a dog trainer.  Angel's current mode of protest is to plant her feet and not move an inch.  She's getting a little big to carry her everywhere we want her to go.  Anybody got any tips?  Right now,  unless she feels like it, we're dragging our dog for walks, car rides, to go outside, and to get in her kennel.  We have successfully taught her to sit.  "Go get it!" and "Drop it!"  are a little sketchy depending on her mood.  She sometimes will go get what you threw and then drop it half way back to you.  Although, this is much better than when we first got her.  Then, it was more pick it up and run frantically around the yard with it trying to get you to chase her, which the kids were only too happy to do.  This, ofcourse, then made the behavior worse.  A big bag of treats in my pocket convinced her that bringing the thrown object to me was a much better choice.  Well, that's all for now, I have to go make sure my dog isn't eating more dirt?!  Is that normal?   

Here She Is . . . Our Angel!


Could she be any cuter?  We are in love.  This dog could not get smooched more.  And my husband, that absolutely did not want a golden retriever, prefers to carry her around like a baby as opposed to getting her to actually use those clod hoppers and walk.


Yes. . . that is just what it looks like.  The dog is on the furniture.  And that cute little pink chew toy there in the corner of the photo. . . hasn't touched it.  My shoes, however, now those she loves.  This is one pooped pooch.  I have a feeling this is going to be one big girl, if this is how big she is already at three months old.


One more photo because I just couldn't help myself.  Wish us luck.