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February 2007

Little Bird the Photographer


The little bird stole my camera from me today.  When I looked through the photos she took, I asked her about this one and she said she loved it so much she wanted a picture of it for herself.  Can they get any sweeter?

She also took this. . .


of the peach's favorite doll Rosie.  And this. . .


of the peach herself.  An artist in the making I'm tellin' ya.

Move over Betty Crocker


Today, we made monkey bread (while cleaning the burners).  Now, don't think this is turning into a trend.  It's just been so cold that home baked stuff seems necessary for survival.  Not to mention that this is absolutely the easiest thing in the world to make and does a little good for the world at the same time (a portion of the proceeds from the sale of their Monkey Bread mix goes to Heifer International) (The Lollipop Tree).  Check it out.  Your little monkeys will thank you.

Mommy Baked!


It's probably a sign that I need to bake more when my children feel it's necessary to tailgate the event!  They are actually watching the brownies cook. . . it's amazing how something so little can mean so much to them.  A side note, the one down fall of the house is that my kitchen is essentially. . . a hallway.  I don't need to post anymore photos to show you because this is essentially all of it.  You can see a little of the fridge to the left of the stove and the dishwasher is just out of view on the right.  If I didn't hate cooking perhaps it would bother me more, however I was the one in the family that didn't aquire that beloved cooking gene (my brother's a chef!).  Go figure.

Hooray for Snow!


Well,  this will be a photo full post.  Lots of updates.  First off,  it has snowed again.  A quote from the kids this morning.  "Hooray!!  Hooray!!  Hooray!!"  This is one of the huge trees in our backyard that inspired us to buy the house.  I loooove this tree!


Second in line is the new bird feeder.  This is the fifth and, I've promised my husband, final bird feeder attempt.  The lady at the store swears this will be the ticket to beautiful birds.  We shall see.   I hung it right outside the sliding door from the playroom.  You can see our cream colored rain gutter to the right of it.  This is where the squirrels typically do their trapeze act to cling to whatever I may hang there.  However,  I (sneaky dog that I am) have decided to grease the rain gutter!  I am very hopeful...very hopeful that we won't have a repeat of this. . .


I only hope that the children won't be frightened by the sight of the things hurling themselves at the sliding glass door when they fling off the greased gutter.  I'll let you know what happens.

And finally,  here's a photo of the little house corner the girls organized.  They spend hours in this corner pretending and dreaming and rearranging.


I love the little puppet theater/window/counter/ticket booth.  It's definitely a multipurpose installment in their little play scape.

The Sock Experiment


Well, here it is.  The first sock.  While I consider myself to be a fairly accomplished knitter,  I have totally avoided the entire sock genre.  I, to be blunt, have been terrified of "the sock".  I'm not sure if it's the teeny tiny needles or that heel turn thing, but sock patterns and I have steered clear of each other until now.  You can blame whoopsydaisy (the person I refer to as the sock lady) for inspiring me to be daring.  Well, dear sock lady, these socks I feel will fit a Clydesdale.  I can't imagine what I have done to create such gigantic socks, but trust me when I say that they are enormous.  And my shoe size?  A 10!

Playroom Craziness


This is our crazy playroom that I constantly try to keep uncluttered. I'll put more shots of it up as I get areas organized better.  I really find that the kids enjoy their play and play more imaginatively and for longer periods of time when things are nicely displayed and put into areas that make sense.  So often I see children's things crammed into big toy boxes and bins.  I wouldn't be able to find anything if I kept my stuff that way.  A common lament among parents I know is, "They don't even play with half the stuff they already have!"  Well, maybe if they could see it they would!

My Peach and Little Bird


My peach.  This is a great shot of her in her natural state of gorgeousness.  I love taking photos of the girls in natural light.  Unfortunately, there isn't likely to be much more of that for awhile with the weather turning ugly and bitter.  This was taken last week during a freak springishly warm day.


The little bird in all her glory.  What you can't quite make out is the peach in the background having a tantrum because she can't come out into the 35 degree cold without socks and shoes on!   

The Squirrels Have Landed


We have not been successful at our efforts to attract birds to our yard because of these pesky guys.  I have tried five different feeders and our squirrels are just so clever that they can tackle any challenge.  This guy has decided he wants a drink from my Evian bottle.  Our squirrels are so fat from all the bird seed they've stolen that visitors to our house actually remark upon them when the see them waddle on by.  It's like the movie "The Birds",  they come up to the screen door and peer in like  their ready to attack!

The Beginning


Here's why I'm doing this.  I have been parenting now for over six years and caring for children in some capacity for over 15.  I cannot find enough out there that really encompasses all that I believe about parenting and family life.  I want to inspire people and I want to be inspired by other like minded and not so like minded folks.  I think the world today and specifically the culture of this country work against us when it comes to raising wholesome kids in a natural healthy environment.  It seems like every time I turn around I'm encountering appalling images and media that I find inappropriate and offensive to my mothering stance.  Perhaps part of this is from having two daughters instead of sons, but something tells me parents of boys experience some of the same stuff.  I believe children come to know what's beautiful in the world through what they're exposed to every day.  The things they see and touch help to form who they are.  I believe that the toys and tools that they use in their everyday life impact how they see the world and what they expect from it.  I want to provide a loving, nurturing, and supportive environment for my kids without all of the commercialism.  If some of this rings true for you, perhaps you'll get something out of this blog.